CJC Staff

  • Rod Layton, Executive Director

  • Kathy Black, Clinical Coordinator

  • Allyson Law, CPM Coordinator

  • Patricia Alatrista, Victims Services Worker

  • Trudy Flora, Database Manager

  • Anastasia Pili, Forensic Interviewer

  • Carly Olar, Forensic Interviewer

  • Kelly Brinkerhoff, Nurse Practitioner

  • Shari Hislop, Registered Nurse

  • Chris Ward, Receptionist

  • Tammy Brown, Receptionist

CJC Advisory Board

Executive Board

  • Reed Richards, Chair - At-Large

  • Eric Young, Vice Chair - Ogden Police Department

  • Rod Layton, CJC Director

Board Members​

  • Chad Carpenter - Ogden School District

  • Roy Cole - Defense Attorney

  • Kevin Eastman - Weber Human Services

  • Lane Findlay - Weber School District

  • Anne Freimuth - At-Large

  • Gage Froerer - Weber County Commission

  • Tara Gill - Utah Child Protective Services

  • Rebecca Haws - Guardian ad litem

  • Michelle Heward - Second District Court

  • Carl Merino - Roy City Police Department

  • Thomas Pedersen - Weber County Criminal Deputy Attorney

  • Nate Roman - Utah Attorney General's Office

Friends of the Weber/Morgan CJC

Executive Board Members

Shelly Jackson, President

Mylynn Felt, Vice President

Colby Dustin, Treasurer

Linda Schmidt, Secretary

Ex-Officio Members


Chris Allred, Weber County Attorney

Rod Layton, Director

Board Members


Elizabeth Carlin

Jeanlee Carver

Roberta Dustin

Tiffany Galbraith

Diane Gibson

Ruby Raccasi

Laurie Weeks

Friends of the Weber/Morgan CJC Staff

Gina DeSantis, Admin Assistant/Grant Manager

Emeritus Members

  • Kathy Black

  • Susan Buatte

  • Ed Cameron

  • Gina DeSantis

  • Toni Fielding

  • Anne Freimuth

  • Liz Pierce

  • Linda Pollock-Wells

  • Sally Jones

  • Tara Jorgenson

  • Claudia Raab

  • Joni Wall

The mission of the

Friends of the Weber/Morgan

Children’s Justice Center

is to provide resources to create a

child-friendly, comfortable environment

to reduce victim trauma during

child abuse investigations.

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